Cannot remove child "XXX", ino #13, because it doesn't exist

Martin Egholm Nielsen martin at
Wed Mar 2 09:13:33 EST 2005

Hi again,

> After removing a directory containing a lot of files, I get lots of the 
> following messages on reboot (one for each of the files I removed):

> Cannot remove child "file10.txt", ino #13, because it doesn't exist

> It keeps returning even after rebooting...
Some more information:

The problem arose after creating a directory in my JFFS2 NAND fs, and 
creating some 1000 (small) files in it. After rebooting I removed the 
entire directory, and at the next reboot I got the error.

I'm running a 2.4.20 kernel but with mtd updated.

I didn't do the mtd update myself - this was handled by my board/linux 
vendor, but scanning the mtd-directory structure I found that the newest 
file in the structure seems to be "drivers/mtd/nand/s3c2410.c" from 

$Id: s3c2410.c,v 1.5 2004/10/12 10:10:15 bjd Exp $

The remainder of the files are dated somewhat similar...

Maybe this can clarify some things?

  Martin Egholm

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