MD2202-D384 DoC with MTD

Lindstrom James-A19027 A19027 at
Fri Jun 24 08:33:16 EDT 2005

I'm trying to get my MD2202-D384 up and running with the diskonchip.c driver.  I'm starting with kernel linux-2.4.18-rmk7-pxa3-cerf3 then patching in mtd-snapshot-2005-03-04.  I did quite a bit of work hacking things to make them happy.  The kernel boots, however, the DoC is not detecting properly.  When I look in nandids.c, though, I don't even see an option for the 384 mb variety of DoC.  Am I missing something?

Here is my boot-up output (re-typed, forgive me):

DiskOnChip found at 0x10000000
NAND device: Manufacturer 0xec, Chip ID 0x79 (Samsung NAND 128MiB 3,3V 8-bit)
3 NAND chips detected
Bad block table not found for chip 0
Bad block table not found for chip 0
nand_read_ecc: from = 0x00000000, len = 512
nand_read_ecc: from = 0x00004000, len = 512
nand_read_ecc: from = 0x00008000, len = 512
nand_read_ecc: from = 0x0000c000, len = 512
nand_read_ecc: failed ECC read, page 0x000000c0 on chip 0
ECC error scanning DOC at 0xc000
DiskOnChip BNAND Media Header not found



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