Intel flash that powers up locked

Konstantin Kletschke lists at
Thu Jun 23 11:35:13 EDT 2005

* Todd Poynor <tpoynor at> [Thu, Jun 02, 2005 at 04:31:12PM -0700]:

> If that's a bad guess then sorry for the misdirection. ;)  Let us know 
> how you are calling the unlock function to take some of the guesswork 
> out of it.

Sorry for late Reply, I had to do other nasty stuff last weeks :/

cfi_intelext_unlockall() calls cfi_intelext_unlock(mtd, 0, mtd->size);

These I got out of your patches initially handling this issue.

cfi_intelext_unlock() calls cfi_varsize_frob() where the Oops happenes
then. I had to remove all while loops and inserted some printk and the
Oops does not happen. So the system runs as before when I unlock whole
Flash in the bootloader. For example it Oopses here in cfi_varsize_frob:

//      while (i < mtd->numeraseregions && ofs >=
//      regions[i].offset)
//             i++;

I will take a closer look tomorrow to start again fix this issue.

Regards, Konsti

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