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Mon Jun 13 20:47:18 EDT 2005

On 6/14/05, Andre <andre at> wrote:
> My apologies for my previous post
> I managed to find the mtd-jffs2-howto in the mtd source tree, which contains
> all the instructions for building the kernel.
> I have been running ext3 on diskonchip2000 (using m-sys trueffs driver) for
> quite a while now and have not run into any problems yet, although I never
> did any asynchronous power off tests. I can boot off diskonchip using a
> special version of lilo and initrd.
> I would really like to try linux-mtd, however I am not quite sure if it is
> suitable for my use of the diskonchip. First of all, my application will
> create up to 32KB/s of data, and it will run for several hours (if not days
> at lower data rate). The diskonchip will be at least 384MB up to a maximum
> of 1GB. The OS (trimmed down LFS5.0, patched 2.4.27) is about 35M and lives
> in the same partition. Asynchronous power offs cannot be ruled out due to
> the nature of the instrument that will host the cpu board with the
> diskonchip.
> The mtd-jffs-howto refers to NFTL for diskonchip devices, but also talks
> about JFFS2 and how production worthy it is and it looks like some work has
> been done in the area of powercycle testing, but the link provided is not
> valid.
> What exactly does one get with *just* NFTL, i.e. does it makes sense to run
> ext3 on top of NFTL? Is NFTL production ready?

No. NFTL is for compatibility purpose.

> There is also a comment that says JFFS2 does not work on DOC, but I assume
> that comment is old. What exactly is the status of JFFS2 for diskonchip

Coywolf Qi Hunt

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