mtd/include/linux jffs2.h,1.35,1.36

Ferenc Havasi havasi at
Tue Jul 26 10:21:25 EDT 2005

Jörn Engel wrote:

>>-#define JFFS2_COMPR_LZO         0x07
>>-#define JFFS2_COMPR_LZARI       0x08
>> /* Compatibility flags. */
>> #define JFFS2_COMPAT_MASK 0xc000      /* What do to if an unknown nodetype is found */
>> #define JFFS2_NODE_ACCURATE 0x2000
>This patch could cause problems.  We have to make sure 0x07 and 0x08
>are never handed out for new compressors, one way or another.
>Ferenc, can you add a comment that those numbers are reserved or
Compressor lzo and lzari were never used really, I think nobody has
JFFS2 image with blocks compressed by them.

But if you think I can add a comment to make absolutely sure.


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