Porting Linux on MPC8266 custom board

Komal Shah komal_shah802003 at yahoo.com
Wed Jul 6 02:47:54 EDT 2005

--- Vikrant_Basotra <Vikrant_Basotra at Satyam.com>

> Hi All,
> 		I am porting Linux on MPC8266 custom board, after
> getting in to Linux the system seems to be struck at
> a point.
> Saved Environment variable:-
>       bootargs console=ttyS0,11520 root=1f00 and

root=1f00 is fine, but still better to use

> After that what I get on the terminal is pasted
> below for your
> reference.

Please enable the low level debugging CONFIG_DEBUG_LL.

Also it is good to enable to MTD debugging for tracing
the point at which it gives crashes if any.

> I couldn't make out any thing from the output, can
> any body tell me
> where I am doing wrong, and also I don't have any
> idea about the
> bootargs argument "root". Can any body give the
> precise description of
> this argument?

Hope you have enabled all the proper config options in
the kernel etc.

As you are using 2.4.x. I can't help on this. Let me
know once you are done with 2.6.x

---Komal Shah

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