kernel messages from INFTL

Greg Ungerer gerg at
Tue Jul 5 00:55:23 EDT 2005

Hi Andre,

Andre wrote:
> Greg Ungerer wrote:
>>Andre wrote:
>>>INFTL: formatting chain at block 24574
>>>INFTL: formatting block 24574
>>>INFTL: corrupt block 24575 in chain 24575, chain length 0, erase mark
>>>INFTL: formatting chain at block 24575
>>>INFTL: formatting block 24575
>>> inftla: inftla1
>>>The INFTL messages do not appear on subsequent loads of the inftl
>>>module. Can somebody please explain what happened, i.e. should I be
>>The INFTL code is telling you that it didn't think the chains
>>where logically correct. So it went ahead and tried to fix them up.
>>Once fixed you should not see any messages on the next boot (as
>>you didn't). Certainly not normal (or good).
> The device really started to act up on subsequent boot and I couldn't even
> format it anymore with m-sys tools. The dformat utility complained about not
> being able to find the bad block table.

My best guess is that the bad block info is stored differently than
what the current INFTL code can deal with then. I have only used it
on the Disk-on-chip Millenium+ parts, and the bad block table is stored
in the factory reserved region on those parts (which I believe is
different to their other DoC parts).

Can you fully restore it with the M-systems tools?

You will need to debug the INFTL init logic and figure out what how
the initial block layout is different.


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