[PATCH] OneNAND MTD support

Kyungmin Park kyungmin.park at samsung.com
Sun Jul 3 21:19:14 EDT 2005


We are happy to release OneNAND MTD to open source community.

Brief desciption of OneNAND is following 

Samsung OneNANDT is a highly reliable embedded memory targeted for both
consumer electronic, and next generation mobile phone market. With Samsung's
accumulated NAND flash technologies over the last decade, Samsung designs an
ideal single memory chip based on NAND architecture integrating SRAM buffers
and logic interface.
Samsung OneNANDT takes both advantages from high-speed data read function of
NOR flash and the advanced data storage function of NAND flash. 

This patch is based on latest linux 2.6 kernel from linux-omap-2.6.git

It's simple implementation.
So there's no optimization and performance tuning.
It is useful to test OneNAND chip with new platform and verify hardware

Now it's tested with CRAMFS and JFFS2 on OMAP OSK

Note: The bad block handling is not yet implemented.
since we want to use NAND BBT routine and NAND BBT routine has NAND-specific
code, then 
At first we want to split BBT code into BBT core and NAND-specific code then
we will merge with OneNAND

Any comments are welcome.

Thank you.

Kyungmin Park
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