Narinder Kumar narinder at kritikalsolutions.com
Fri Feb 25 10:05:05 EST 2005

Dear Mr, Matthew,

             I have been working on Atmel's AT91RM9200DK board, which is 
using serial dataflash AT45DB62. I have created a JFFS2 partition on the 
device to store my filesystem. I have been able to mount the partition 
succesfully but when i do my read/write operations sometimes i get CRC 
errors. Here are the steps that i am following

1) Using kernel linux-2.4.26 patched with 2.4.26-vrs1
2) Partitioned the dataflash into 3 parts i,e 2 MB, 3MB and 3MB by 
specifying it in the driver code in at91_dataflash.c
3) booted the system and the erased the partitions . Last partition is 
my filesystem partition, so i erased it using -j option which makes it 
jffs2. Now i mounted the last partition as "mount -t jffs2 
/dev/mtdblock/2 /tmp/" and it mounts succefully and then i copy out my 
required files in this directory. And if i run my application now it 
runs successfully without any problem. Even if i kill my application and 
launch it again it run successfully . But if i do an unmount once and 
try the same procedure of mounting again and running the application it 
shows me an error

           Data CRC 0xABCD != calculated CRC 0xWXYZ

             Please let me know where i am going wrong ? and what was 
the kernel and patch used by you ?


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