Follow-up to wearing / caching question

Matthew Cole mcole at
Mon Feb 7 13:51:22 EST 2005

The question posed by Martin Neilsen leads me to write in search of an
answer that I've been pondering for a few days.  I've been tasked with
approximating the lifespan of the flash (JFFS2) filesystem embedded in our
products.  Is there a best method for calculating the space required for a
fixed-size file over a given lifespan?  If we want our flash filesystem to
be available for an approximate lifespan of 20 years, given the
wear-leveling duty-cycle of JFFS2, and an average block endurance of 100k
write/erase cycles, would I need 150% of the file's size? 200%? 1000%?  The
worst-case answer should be acceptable, but obviously, the most-realistic
case is what we're aiming for.  The actual read/write duty cycle of the
application is quite variable, so that adds some complexity to the problem,
but a good guess for now would be that it writes the entire file out to
flash once a minute.  But as that is an independent variable, maybe someone
could help me solve for that over a span of duty cycles?

I'd very much appreciate any input that anyone could offer me on this

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