I need still help with XIP, kernel boots now :)

Konstantin Kletschke lists at ku-gbr.de
Wed Feb 2 03:54:41 EST 2005


Ok, seems to be it is debug time :)

I have a BDI2000 here, but I never used it to debug a running kernel, I
should learn that now :/

I am trying to look ATM if the __xipram using functions went into .data
but I doubt that, since the compiler issues a warning at just this
point, so I asked in my initial mail if thats not only a warning for me

In System.map there are 

bf112a8c t xip_disable
c0014e14 d xip_enable
c0014f78 d xip_udelay

I did an arm-linux-objdump -ad and searched for the addresses, but only
I find the xip_disable address:

bf112a8c <xip_disable>:
bf112a8c:	e1a0c00d 	mov	ip, sp

not the address of xip_enable and xip_udelay...

How can that be?


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