EBH with OneNAND doesn't work

Vitaly Wool vwool at ru.mvista.com
Wed Dec 21 07:43:35 EST 2005

Jarkko Lavinen wrote:

>Thanks Christian, your patch helpt me to get JFFS2 working without
>using too many printks.
>Currently wbuf.c:jffs2_check_nand_cleanmarker_ebh() assumes the node header 
>fits in the first free region.  The magic and node type would take 4 bytes.
>If we have only 2 byte free regions available,  this is not enough
>and the struct jffs2_unknown_node needs to be assembled.
I hope we'll eliminate this problem soon when new functions to 
read/write the free OOB area as a contiguous array of bytes are introduced.


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