JFFS2 after CVS snapshot 2005/11/13 is broken on nandsim

zhao, forrest forrest.zhao at intel.com
Wed Dec 21 04:16:34 EST 2005

On Mon, 2005-12-19 at 15:01 +0300, Artem B. Bityutskiy wrote:
> zhao, forrest wrote:
> > Hi, Artem
> > 
> > The following is what I do in my lab:
> > 1 download MTD snapshot of 2005/10/30(the
> > snapshot before I check in EBH patch)
> Thanks, I know that it worked before EBH. Could you please take the 
> *lates* CVS stanpshot. Try this on nandsim.
Today I did the regression test on kernel 2.6.15-rc5 again,
the result is the same as the one on kernel
The test steps are:
1 mount /dev/mtdblock0 to /mnt, which is a nandsim partition
2 copy a small file(2755 bytes) to /mnt
3 umount /mnt
4 mount /dev/mtdblock0 again 

The CVS snapshot before 2005/11/13 is good; the snapshot after
2005/11/13 is broken. I checked in EBH patch on 2005/11/04, so
this is not a bug in EBH. Anyway I'll take look at the diff
between 2005/11/12 and 2005/11/13 to find the bug out.

For snapshot before 2005/11/13, I also did some stress test
on /mnt, it works very well.

For snapshot after 2005/11/13, kernel panic can be easily
reproduced by copying a small file. 


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