file corruption with mtd / jffs2

alfred hitch alfred.hitch at
Tue Dec 6 21:42:17 EST 2005

Hi Vahid,

yea something similar.
My diff though on binaries doesnt necessarilly shows any specific
location where it is corupted (or which one also for that matter).
I can see some bytes (ranging from 20 byte diff I see or even upto 300 bytes).
But, we are beginning to see this more often in 2 cases:
1) If there is a crash (read seg. fault / kernel panic both  ) .. then
the process in execution last / near about are the victims. This is
happening more across resets also, we left 10 boards on weekend, doing
nothing but reset every 3 minutes and 1 of them went bad.

2) If we made system read only partition mounted, so far we havent
observed any on disk image corruption (obviosuly ?) .. but once I have
personally also faced a image in memory being bad, and I wasnt able to
do anything with that binary till I resetted board and it came / read
back from flash again.

$Id: wbuf.c,v 1.1 2002/09/12 00:23:22 davidm Exp $

Some questions come to mind:
1)  Files in our case are executables, so how come the code sections,
which are read only I believe marked in page properties get corrupted
2) Even if I suspect so many 3rd party code I am running, could be
trashing in kernel space, the read only attribute shouldn't have
allowed it ?
3) Why is the file being written back to disk (executable, read only pages) ?


On 12/6/05, Vahid Fereydunkolahi <fereydunk at> wrote:
> I believe we have the same issue that you guys have
> regaring the corruption in binary files. The problem
> seems to be related to having some page(s) of all zero
> in the middle of the binary file. I believe the data
> is perfectly fine on the flash, but there is a memory
> corruption (or something similar) that causes the file
> to be costurced wrong in the memory. Most probaly when
> some section of the file is read it thinks that, the
> section is a frag hole, and returns all zero for that
> section.
> We are using the 2.4 kernel and I ported the JFFS2
> fron the 2.6 kernel.
> Regards,
> --vahid
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