When to call cfi_amdstd_suspend() ?

Todd Poynor tpoynor at mvista.com
Fri Dec 2 14:04:38 EST 2005

Steven Scholz wrote:
> Hi all,
> I implemented my MTD board driver as a platform device with support for
> suspend/resume.
> Upon suspend-to-ram its ->suspend() funktion is called three times for
> In which level should I call the MTD suspend function (i.e.
> cfi_amdstd_suspend() in my case) ?

You can pretty much just choose one... SUSPEND_POWER_DOWN may be a good 
choice.  Same for resume.  The levels aren't really used anymore in the 
PM subsystem.

> What happens if I called it in every level as it is done in pxa2xx-flash.c?

That file is ported to a newer version of the code that drops the levels 
and the suspend/resume callbacks are only called once.


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