file corruption with mtd / jffs2

alfred hitch alfred.hitch at
Fri Dec 2 02:09:48 EST 2005


I would like some inputs, if someone can give some pointer / idea.

We are running jffs2 based partitions on linux 2.4 snapgear distro boards.
partitions were mounted read-write.

We are observing that after running for 3-5 months, now boards have
started giving corruped executables !
We are getting many boards back which have a corrupted binary on flash itself.

How is this possible ?

1) We by mistake were writting also in flash'es for logs /
configurations (dont ask why please ) .. and so is it be possible that
in log rotation etc jffs2 uses these got lost across a bad shutdown ?

Anyone ever observed anything like this ??
Is it safe to use jffs2 and assume all's well across unsafe shutdowns ?
Basic question perhaps, but will appreciate any directions.


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