[PATCH] remove support for virtual blocks

Jörn Engel joern at wohnheim.fh-wedel.de
Mon Aug 29 14:50:42 EDT 2005

On Mon, 29 August 2005 13:42:52 -0500, Josh Boyer wrote:
> Be realistic, this is JFFS2 not ext3 :).  If we break support for larger
> devices, people aren't going to complain about it for months.  That
> means this patch will sit here for months too.


> I'd rather we switch to using vmalloc instead for now.  It's not an end
> solution, but at least it doesn't prevent larger devices from being
> used.

Can you explain this in diff -u format?

So far, my patch is the only one in existence.  It is not perfect, no
doubt about that.  And I will drop it as soon as I see something
better.  But so far, nothing has shown up. ;)


"Security vulnerabilities are here to stay."
-- Scott Culp, Manager of the Microsoft Security Response Center, 2001

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