nand locking

Todd Poynor tpoynor at
Fri Apr 29 18:19:28 EDT 2005

Timofei V. Bondarenko wrote:
> Todd Poynor wrote:
>> I tried adding a callback to the chip driver at each device/partition 
>> add...
> Do you mean 'mtd_info::notify_add' ?


> I've mentioned the 'mtd_partition::mtdp' - it could be an alternative
> (a bit complicated though). The register_mtd_user() also may help...

I originally tried the register_mtd_user() route, but in the case of 
partitions it is passed the "slave" struct mtd_info, while only the 
"master" whole-device struct has been filled in with chip-driver-private 
info (and only mtdpart.c knows how to map the slave back to the master), 
so that would need some ugly tweaks as well...


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