How to back port linux-mtd to 2.4.26

carl liao carlliao at
Sun Apr 17 05:58:10 EDT 2005

Hi, ALL! 

linux-mtd website says that will apparently works with 2.4.27 or above kernel. But the tar ball is not available on the ftp site now. It has mtd-snapshot-20020731.tar.bz2 and mtd-snapshot-20050401.tar.bz2 and so on. 

Where could I get something like mtd-snapshot-2004xxxx.tar.bz2?

I found 2.6.11 kernel use a linux-mtd version might as "$Id: mtdcore.c,v 1.44 2004/11/16 18:28:59 dwmw2 Exp $". Could someone tell me how to get a suitable linux-mtd version for 2.4.26 kernel then?

Thanks a lot!!

Carl Liao

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