Can not mount root on mtd block

Pawel Studencki pstudencki at
Fri Apr 15 05:10:25 EDT 2005

hello Mike, 

I read your e-mails about problems with mounting ramfs
as root filesystem
and I wonder if you found a solution.
I'm trying the same thing with kernel 2.6.11 on ppc
processor. I've already
checked following:
- boot options: root=/dev/mtdblock1 ro
- debugging to/from do_mount_root function...
and slowly I'm loosing ideas...In my case function
path_lookup (in do_mount)
returns with error  -ENOENT, because there were no
inode found for "root".
It looks similar to your problem...

So if you have any hints, I will enjoy to check them
and perhaps together we
can solve this annoying problem  :) 

best regards

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