mounting jffs2

Sergei Sharonov sergei.sharonov at
Wed Apr 13 09:25:38 EDT 2005


It looks like there is a long delay before filesystem becomes available 
after mount returns. Test setup: jffs2 on 256 MByte NAND chip, 2.6.10 linux
with recent mtd snapshot. Filesystem contains one 200 MByte file written 
and fsynced in 1 kByte chunks. Checking ps it appears that gcd was the only 
thing running (RWN).
Mount and touch were run immediately one after another. I think it may be
related to the long umount time problem that I reported before. At least
the symptoms are similar: something is still going on after mount completes.
Note negligible user and sys times during touch.

# time mount /mnt/flash/

real    1m33.538s
user    0m0.020s
sys     1m33.421s
# time touch /mnt/flash/junk

real    11m10.058s
user    0m0.010s
sys     0m0.010s

Sergei Sharonov

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