[PATCH] NAND I/O instruction support

William J Beksi wjbeksi at setabox.com
Tue Apr 5 22:39:08 EDT 2005

Hi Artem,

Artem B. Bityuckiy wrote:
> William J Beksi wrote:
>> This patch is to implement reading and writing nand flash by I/O 
>> instructions. I have only been able to test on the x86 architecture.
>> Questions, comments, criticisms are welcome.
> Why didn't you use request_region()/release_region() to allocate IO ports?
> I wonder, for what do you need this? 
Because I want to use the *same* I/O port range as that used by the IDE 
interface on a PC. I think a look at my driver below will make things 
clearer ;)

> Shouldn't you redefine nand_read_byte() and the like *in your driver* instead.
Sure, it can be done like that. I am just not sure if this feature would 
be useful to other driver writers in the future, that is why I tried to 
make it as general as possible.

Thomas, should read/write using inb/outb be in my driver, or should this 
be in nand_base.c?

Thanks for your comments.

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