[UPDATE] DOCBoot support for NFTL-based DOC2000

Zeri Virgo zerivirgo at infocell-its.com
Thu Apr 7 17:45:56 EDT 2005

> After much discussion and experimentation, a version of diskonchip.c 
> which does not break older jffs2 filesystems has been checked into CVS. 
>  Also, some required changes to nandwrite have been checked in as well.
> Zeri, I really think this should work for you now, particularly since I 
> was able to duplicate exactly the problems you were having.

Yes! With the diskonchip driver, flash_eraseall and nandwrite and 
DOCBoot from CVS, my DiskOnChip now boots the Linux kernel.

Thanks for everything!

- Zeri

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