DoC Millennium Plus on RedBoot

Franz De Rama francis.derama at
Thu Apr 7 02:08:17 EDT 2005

Resend. (subject line changed)

Hi All,

I am currently developing a code to support DiskOnChip Millennium Plus
32MB on RedBoot. Such that I could be able to detect my DoC from redboot
and load the Linux and root file system image from it. I am using a
dragonball MX1 processor with an on-board flash for booting. 

Odd as it may seem, I have added an IDE support for RedBoot and am
modifying the ide.c from redboot packages (/redboot/src/fs/ide.c) to
support DiskOnChip instead of IDEs and for the meantime, ext2 file

Am I going the right direction? If not, could somebody shed light on
what I need to do to add DiskOnChip support on RedBoot?

Many thanks.

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