2nd flash detection on ixp425 based boards

alfred hitch alfred.hitch at gmail.com
Wed Apr 6 04:32:55 EDT 2005


This is regading cfi probe for multiple flash chips  ..

On my IXP425 based board, with 2 chips, one on CS0(16MB)
and other on CS1 (16 MB) ..

I am able to probe and write through to these devices in my probe ..
all's well .

but today, we were changing hardware configuration to have 8MB on CS1
in stead of 16MB ..
and I notice that in the gen_probe.c -> genprobe_ident_chips function ..
the for loop which checks for base size is to map->size will not pass thru ..
that is it will say find 16 + 16 <= 24 (configured as window_size)

I see a comment above it also saying that this is to check that the
size is good enough to accomodate another chip of same size in this

Please help me understand that why are we doing it this way .. is h/w
config like we are trying to have wrong ? why cannot I put base <
cfi.chipshiftsize in
that for loop and map both the devices .. why does the second one has
to be this way of size more or equal to first one ..


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