[PATCH]Probing at 0x0

Kalev Lember kalev at colleduc.ee
Fri Oct 8 14:28:23 EDT 2004

Nicolas Pouillon wrote:

>>I reimplemented the Diskonchip Millennium Plus support in the new
>>driver, but unfortunately I have only 16MB pieces at hand.
>Does this mean it is actually supported but disabled by lack of tests ?
>My chip can be a (read only until i've not dumped it) "guinea pig" ;-)
No, it is not supported. According to 
http://www.tri-m.com/products/msystems/files/specs/mddoc_spec.pdf the 32 
MB Millennium Plus has 16 bit data bus while the supported 16 MB Mil+ 
has 8 bit bus.

Best regards,
Kalev Lember

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