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Thomas Gleixner <tglx at> eut le bonheur d'écrire:

> You should have tried !!

I have. kernel from just crashes on my device, (MTD in or not),
and I have no time to investigate this issue, so I keep to 2.6.7 (no
interesting changes in to me anyway)

> Did you notice the DEPRECATED NOTE in Kconfig ????
> "Please use the new diskonchip driver under the NAND subsystem.\n");

Indeed, and the other one is marked experimental ;)

> Please follow this advise. The docxx stuff in mtd/devices will be
> removed in the near future and INFTL with the old drivers was missing
> some functionality anyway, AFAIK.

Yes, sure, I will switch to new drivers ASAP, but we (project people)
have taken 2.6.7 as reference, so we'll use this patch for a few
more weeks.

I've tried to update to newer MTD kernel part, keeping the rest in 2.6.7
state, but some of the API seems to have changed.

> The chip ID part of your patch is giving me a bit more headache. The
> ID 0xA5 is a valid ID for NAND 2GiB 1,8V 8-bit.

Whoops, didn't pay attention to this :(

> Please figure out the DoC
> partnumber and let M-Sys confirm this. If they confirm that some moron
> started to break the ID rules, then we have to figure out a way to
> make this work. Putting this line without any further modifications
> into the code would break other drivers.

Is there some means to determine chip type by software ?
Things I can read on the chip (hoping i'm correct, it is not very
readable) are:
Japan 033-----" (dunno what's under "----")

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