oops line 231 of latest readinode.c

Simon Haynes simon at baydel.com
Wed Nov 17 13:02:05 EST 2004

This crash happened on one of several systems which I have been running for 
over a year. This crash came out of the blue when the system was updating a 
logfile with a message. It has performed many writes during this time and I 
have never seen this problem before. As far as trying to reproduce the 
problem is concerned. 
Some time ago I used a program to exercise the flash to try and track other 
problems and as I said before I have never seen this oops before. Besides 
performing more flash exercising tests I would not have a clue how I could 
reproduce this. 

So in summary this crash was out of the blue and I suspect that I can not 
easily reproduce it without understanding more about what happened.



On Wednesday 17 Nov 2004 5:48 pm, Estelle HAMMACHE wrote:
> Simon Haynes wrote:
> > newfrag->ofs)' and then in the next if as newfrag->ofs contains -1. The
> > oops
> It seems very strange that newfrag->ofs contains -1. If you can reproduce
> it could you check where it was filled with this strange value ?
> Estelle

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