Large flash concatenation

Andy Hawkins a.hawkins at
Fri May 28 05:41:29 EDT 2004


I'm trying to add support to the kernel for concatenating a number of
large flash devices (1Gb Samsung K9F1G08).

I've added the following line to nand_ids.c:

	{"NAND 1GiB 3,3V", 0xf1, 30, 0x4000, 0},

and the devices are correctly detected (I've also written the required
code in drivers/mtd/nand), showing a size of 0x40000000 for each device.
However, when I concatenate 15 of these devices, I end up with a
partition of size 0xc000000. I assume that this is because the total
size is stored in 32 bits, and as such is overflowing.

I want to be able to use these multiple chips as a single flash
filesystem (probably JFFS2).

Can anyone help as to how I can do this?

Many thanks.


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