Accessing an MTD device from kernel space

Thomas Gleixner tglx at
Wed May 26 17:26:29 EDT 2004

On Wednesday 26 May 2004 23:21, Eisenhut, Daniel (MED) wrote:
> To list,
> I've successfully setup MTD devices for our NOR flash chips and
> everything is working great from userspace.  But I have a need to access
> the NOR flash from within kernelspace, such as in a /proc entry.
> What is the best way to access the flash from within the kernel?  The
> only way I've be able to so far is to just dereference a pointer
> pointing to the flash address.  But this creates two issues (that I know
> about):
> 1. A race condition between my proc entry that reads the flash and
> another process using the MTD device.
> 2. The MTD device does not always leave the flash chip in read mode.
> Is there anything setup in the current MTD code to allow access from
> within the kernel?

Just use the mtd API which is used from fs drivers and anything else which 
accessed the mtd devices from kernel space

mtd->read(....), mtd->erase(...) 

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