jffs2 2.4.18 kernel problem

lokesh kumar lokeshk at hotmail.com
Mon May 17 19:20:53 EDT 2004

I have a jffs2 partition on my mpc8xx board, running 2.4.18 kernel. I am 
using mtd snapshot of july 2002. The mtd partition size is 2MB.

I enabled the mtd options in kernel, and then built an image for this 
partition using

mkfs.jffs2 -e 0x20000 -b -r rootdir -o img

and then I copy this image over this partition using u-boot or debugger. I 
can then boot the board and mount this partition on a mount point. Then I 
can cd to this partition and create a directory and copy a file to this 
directory. Now, I turn the power off and when I reboot, I can mount the file 
system and can see that the directory and file exist, but when I say "rm -fr 
file" or "rm -fr directory", it crashes the kernel saying "kernel access of 
bad area"

What am I doing wrong?


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