[patch] Allow any filesystem on MTD Nand when Read Only

Pantelis Antoniou panto at intracom.gr
Thu May 6 03:12:58 EDT 2004

Phillip Lougher wrote:

> David Daney wrote:
>> Pantelis Antoniou wrote:
>>> The following patch allows you to have any filesystem over NAND when 
>>> mounted
>>> read only.
>> After more thought, I am in the process of doing something similar.
> I have also been doing something similar to this - though I put the 
> bad block handling into Squashfs (another RO compressed filesystem).  
> It therefore seems as if all the possible approaches have been tried: 
> putting the bad block code in the NAND layer; implementing a new RO 
> block-driver; and putting the bad block code in the RO filesystem!  It 
> definately seems as if there is a requirement for this in the main 
> source.
> Pantelis have you looked at Squashfs?  This filesystem gives much 
> better compression than CRAMFS.
I've taken a look at squashfs. It does seems nicer than CRAMFS.

My main problem is not that it's not in the kernel proper, but it's not 
in by bootloader too.
If you took a look at u-boot and implemented squashfs support I would 
probably switch.

> Phillip


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