Manish RATHI manish.rathi at st.com
Fri Jun 25 09:13:34 EDT 2004

I am newbee in linux.
i've to write a nand flash driver for a Soc which is using ARM as core so that soc can boot from nand flash rather than ram based file system(initrd).

i need to write a nand flash driver. As far as i understand nand driver will be layer interacting with nand fLASH.
Above it there will be mtd layer and above it there will be file system.

Mtd layer is already available in linux. Can somebody suggest me good literature to understand it and nand based flash driver.?

I'd like to know how will be flow from user application to layer.
Will these primitives be same like open, close, read, write, lseek,
ioctl or some additional will be needed.

will boot block be in flash? Does kernel read by flash using open and write?

Pls also tell me relevant information sites.


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