DOC Mil Plus 32 any work being done?

Carlos, John J USAATC john.carlos at
Thu Jun 17 09:33:44 EDT 2004


  Is anyone actually working on getting support for the Millennium Plus 32M
chip.  I looked at the latest patch and unfortunately work on that chip
hasn't been added.  I have been trying to hack up the code but don't have
much knowledge in this area.  I am sure what I am doing is time ill spent
other then getting a small understanding of the problem.  I am doing a lot
of cut and paste to the diskonchip.c file.  I see where the nand_chip struct
gets filled and where in docprobe they fill the mtd_info struct with the
proper driver names.  Which struct is actually the proper one to use?
Should I be redoing the DoC functions so they will work in the nand_chip
struct with the proper arguments????  I am just trying to get this chip in a
usable state!!!!!

Thanks for any assistance that can be provided!

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