stable MTD snapshot

Zhang, Jian jzhang at
Wed Jun 2 18:48:44 EDT 2004

My reply to David's question has been bounced back twice. I still don't
know how to configure outlook to reply in the way the list server likes.
So I restart it.
I have tried a few snapshots and encountered either compile failure or
run-time errors. Can someone point me to a daily MTD snapshot that is
known to pass compilation and do not have major issue with JFFS2 on

I have patched the following snapshots to our 2.6.4 kernel by running script:
./patchin -j -c <kernel path>
I was able to mount an empty NAND partition. The partition was
erased/prepared by U-Boot. JFFS2 clean marker was programmed to OOB
area. I could mount it cleanly. But I got message "jffs2: No clean,
dirty _or_ erasable blocks to GC from! Where are they all" when I
created a file. A 192K file was truncated after umount/re-mount. Files
even disappeared after umount/re-mount.

Kernel doesn't build because nand.c has compile error in

Kernel builds but I got I/O error when mounting a partition. The
underlying MTD NAND driver works since I am able to read/write MTD


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