MTD drivers for Arm core

Carlos, John J USAATC john.carlos at
Wed Jun 2 07:09:52 EDT 2004

Hello All,

  I have been trying to get DOC Mil plus 32 working correctly on my Arm core
board.  The DOC driver doc2001plus can see the chip after changing the
doc200.h header file.  Seem that for arm core I couldn't use the way the
ReadDOC and WriteDOC worked.  I had to use the inw and outw functions.  Now
I am trying to get the mtd drivers working so I can use nftl_format.  When I
run nftl_format it reads an incorrect erase size.  I am wondering if this is
due to the same kind of problem I have with the DOC drivers.  If so in what
file can I correct the ioctl reading and writing to the DOC so I get the
proper values.  The native DOC drivers and utils read the chip correctly.

Thanks for the help,

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