Searching for 16bit NAND Driver

Charles Manning manningc2 at
Sat Feb 28 03:17:13 EST 2004

On Friday 27 February 2004 21:37, Shen Aaron-r62966 wrote:
> Hi CHarles,
>   Thanks for your response at first.
>   Let me decribe my doubt in detail. After I boot up my system on board
> with a NOR Flash, the "/dev/mtd/2" is the partition for bootloader of NAND.
> I just copy my bootloader for NAND to the partition and then switch to boot
> up from the NAND Flash. For a 8 bit NAND Flash, it has been succeeded. But
> failed for 16 bit NAND.
>   When booting from NAND Flash, the NFC will copy the data in its first 2k
> to a special address automatically and then set pc to there to run. What I
> have found by using MultiICE is that the data copied there are different.
> For example, the data should be "DF003028". I can read it successfully when
> using 8 bit NAND. But for 16 bit NAND, the data changed to be "0B300B28",
> followed by "08DF0800". It seems the original data has been cut to two
> parts and re-orginized.
>   Do you have any comment? Hope I made sense.

It looks to me like you need to set up your bus accessing or something like 
that correctly.

It looks like the data has been written as 8-bytes per cycle, but read as 
16-bits per cycle. 

-- Charles

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