INFTL bad block table support

Edward A. Hildum ehildum at
Wed Feb 4 17:44:45 EST 2004

I've got a DOC 2000 TSOP that I'd really like to use for booting an i386 

Using the 2004/2/2 CVS, I see that bad block table support is still missing 
from the
INFTL driver.  If I comment out the if statement in docprobe.c that 
disables INFTL
support for doc2000 TSOP, I can see and mount the existing partitions on my 
though I get various messages about formatting and erase errors for blocks 
in the BBT.

I would be glad to test code for INFTL BBT support if anyone wants to pass 
it to me.

I've looked briefly at docprobe.c, doc2000.c, inftlcore.c and 
inftlmount.c.  According to
the archives, it may not be a large effort to implement BBT awareness.  Can 
give me some pointers as to what needs to be done and in which functions?

Many thanks,
Ted Hildum

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