workstation mount of jffs2 and endianess

Robin Gilks robin.gilks at
Mon Feb 2 17:20:26 EST 2004


Is it possible to mount a bigendian jffs2 filesystem image (via blkmtd 
or whatever) on a little endian host system (i.e. a PC workstation)?

If so, where do I tell the system what the endianess is? At present I 
get errors during mount (which if the endianess is not known I'd expect) 
of the form:
losetup /dev/loop3 /home/gilksr/jffs2.fs
insmod blkmtd erasesz=64 device=/dev/loop3
mount -t jffs2 /dev/mtdblock/0 /mnt/root_fs
mount: wrong fs type, bad option, bad superblock on /dev/loop3,
        or too many mounted file systems

I've checked that I can create and loop mount a l-e filesystem but the 
target I'm working with is a powerpc that I want to keep as natively b-e.

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