JFFS2 mount time

Gareth Bult (Encryptec) Gareth at Encryptec.net
Mon Dec 20 11:39:48 EST 2004


I've cvs'd the latest source and patched ... kernel seems to build Ok ..
Just trying a full build from clean to make sure, then I'll give it a
go ..

Is there an example of how to use sumtool anywhere ?

If I eraseall the flash then mount JFFS2 and copy files on, do I need to
use sumtool ?


On Mon, 2004-12-20 at 17:09 +0100, Ferenc Havasi wrote:

> Hi Gareth,
> > I'm afraid this patch seems to be quite a long way from applying cleanly
> > to my source. I'm using 2.6.9 .. at least half a dozen failures or
> > more ...
> It works with JFFS2 in the latest MTD CVS.
> JFFS3 will contains this feature soon.
> Regards,
> Ferenc
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