JFFS3 & performance

David Vrabel dvrabel at arcom.com
Fri Dec 17 06:33:42 EST 2004

Joakim Tjernlund wrote:
> 2) Consider another checksum algorithm. Crc32 is very expensive
>    and JFFS2 suffered severely in the early days. Now that crc32 is
>    very optimized that problem is less visible, but crc32 is still
>    expensive. Maybe an Adler32 checksum is good enough or a crc16?

Does anyone have links to the profilling data that showed this?

(Also, I wouldn't have thought crc16 on 32 bit archs would have any 
significant performance benefits.  But since I don't know either the 
crc16 or crc32 algorithms... *shrug*)

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