A problem of porting jffs2 and mtd in kernel 2.4.18

jianhung at csie.nctu.edu.tw jianhung at csie.nctu.edu.tw
Wed Dec 15 04:00:54 EST 2004


    This is my first posting. We have a project to porting jffs2 and mtd in
    embedded system, the purpose is to use the NAND flash, and the kernel
    is 2.4.18. We find there are jffs2 and mtd source code in the kernel
    source code. So we just enable it ( use make menuconfig),and write a
    mtd driver...

    The good news is this works, we can add, delete a file and after power
    on again, the file still exist. Thanks for JFFS2 and MTD, but the
    problem comes....

    1. the mount time is too slow, so we try to update the source code in
       the kernel, but I don\\\'t know the version of jffs2 and mtd in the
       kernel source code now is, how do I know it ? And I don\\\'t know how
       to update it, I hope someone can tell me, I would appreciate your

    2. If I use ECC function, and some thing wrong happens. After I trace
       the source code, I find when I write a file, the jffs2 will write to
       the same nand flash page (although in different position of the same
       page) without erase first many times . So the ECC position in the
       spare area will be write many times. It is reasonable when I read
       this page next time, the ECC value is not equal to the value I
       writed in the last time. of course the ecc will error, is this a bug
       of this version in kernel 2.4.18? (if I don\\\'t use ECC function, the
       subsystem seems ok)
    3. I didn\\\'t follow the instruction of \\\"The Linux MTD, JFFS HOW TO\\\", so
       I didn\\\'t use the utility erase and mkfs.jffs. But this still works,
       is this reasonable ?

Best Regards,

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