2.6.x cannot mount the root fs on a jffs2 image?

Prashant Alves prashant at pramatech.com
Wed Dec 15 02:22:19 EST 2004


On Wed, December 15, 2004 11:20 am, Shawn Jin said:
> Hi,
> Can 2.6.x mount the root fs on a jffs2 image? After a while of
> research by googling, I found that do_mounts.c was re-written quite a
> lot compared with 2.4.x. In 2.4.x there is root_dev_names specifying
> all devices can be mounted as the root fs. But there isn't such a
> struct any more. Probably root_device_name is the sibling?
> How to add jffs2 support in do_mounts.c?
> Thanks,
> -Shawn.

Look at this

Prashant Alves

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