DOC 2000 128Mbyte

J C jjcar1526 at
Mon Dec 6 13:55:41 EST 2004

Hello all,

  I have a DOC 2000 128Mbyte dip.  I am running 2.4.28 recently patched.  
When I do load the modules  "modprobe -a diskonchip nftl mtdchar mtdblock"  
The chip is found the /proc/devices shows nftl and mtdblock as devices.  
When the driver loads the last two lines say Coud not find valid boot record 
and NFTL:could not mount device.  I read the jffs-mini-howto.txt and it 
mentioned doing a nftl_format then fdisk.  I tried this and had to run the 
M-sys dos util dformat to get the chip back so the linux drivers could see 
it.  I can not run mkfs on it cuase it says no device found.

  Could someone please tell me what step I am missing.

Thanks John

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