MTD and 28F128J3A

Stefan Stürke sst at
Thu Aug 19 11:33:28 EDT 2004

Jaap-Jan Boor wrote:
> Stefan,
> what I did is force a checkstop the will result in a processor
> reset before executing 'm8260_gorom()' (this should also reset
> your flash devices) by adding the following code to
> m8260_machine_restart():


Thank you, nice idea. I just tested it but unfortunatly at
my hardware the reset pin of the flash is only triggered
by power on reset and not by processor reset. So the
checkstop just kills the processor but it still can not
read valid code from flash :-(

Of course as 'dirty' solution I could write a 0xFF to
the flash device before executing 'm8260_gorom()'.
In this way the problem should be solved.

But I am afraid that the code in cfi_cmset_0001 has a bug
leaving the chip in query mode after writing to it. And that
this bug has side effects which I can't see know but which will
be seen by our customers.
Has anybody ever heard of such behavior of cfi_cmset_0001?

Thanks again

Stefan Stürke

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