Simon Haynes simon at
Wed Aug 18 10:59:16 EDT 2004

I recently committed a ssfdc.c to CVS. I have changed this file recently to 
operate with recent changes to the way in which the OOB data is written/read.
It seems I have overlooked autoplacement for reads ?

I was getting some single bit errors in seemingly random bytes.  I believe 
these were generated because I was performing a mtd->read and it was using 
the oob ecc to correct the data. The problem was my ecc bytes were not in the
same position as auto placement.

Can anyone verify that this could be the case ?

I have applied a temporary fix to ssfdc.c but the whole way in which the oob
is written/read needs addressing. I believe it should be possible for the mtd 
layer to generate and correct my ecc bytes for me but I need to look into 

I plan to update CVS but I would like to do some more testing first.



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