MTD/JFFS2 bug - misreported filesystem usage

Cam Mayor cmayor at
Tue Sep 30 19:19:23 EDT 2003

hi all,

I found a reproducable bug in the version of mtd/jffs2 that i have.  I'm 
using kernel 2.4.19-rmk7, and an MTD snapshot from March 25/2003.  My 'df' 
command comes from busybox version 0.60.5.

Bug: misreported filesystem usage

Procedure to reproduce:
1) boot system (this unlocks a NOR flash MTD area on which JFFS2 gets mounted)
2) 'df' to see filesystem usage
3) umount jffs2 partition
4) erase mtd partition which had jffs2 filesystem
5) mount jffs2 on newly erased partition
6) 'df' to see filesystem usage.
	"Used" and "Available" fields are switched; switch is reflected in the 
"Use%" field
7) write a file to JFFS2 filesystem
8) 'df' to see filesystem usage
	The filesystem usage is now reported accurately.

Cameron Mayor
Iders Incorporated

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