kernel crashed at genprobe_

Howard King hking at
Wed Sep 17 16:22:08 EDT 2003

Also, I forgot to mention to you that the 1st block of the flash memory are
 > write-protected since the reset words are there.  Don't know if that cause
 > the crash?
 > =============
 > I follow this document (from the link you gave to us) and use "make
 > xconfig" to enable the mtd from the kernel:
I followed your link to get this document:

I did the following things:
- down load the patch
- re-configure the linux kernel to enable the mtd and jffs options by 
following the HOWTO doc;
- we have 64-bit bus width, I specified 8 (octets) for bus width;
- we have 4 flash chips (8M * 4 = 32MB), I specified 4 interleave for cfi probe
- our flash chip is: AM29LV641DL12EI/T.
- it is our custom 8260 board;
- the first block is write-protected due to the existence of reset word
- the flash address starts 0xfe000000 and length is 0x2000000 (32MB);
- the boot rom is located at 0xfff00100

The kernel crashed after displaying "physmap flash device: 2000000 at
Based on the description at page 7, this output is just reporting what
parameters I have compiled into the system.  It also said we need to check
physmap.c which uses ioremap() to map the physical memory into an area of
logical memory.
I did change it to ioremap_noncache() but it still crashed at

We use BDI2000 debugger to burn the U-BOOT code to the flash for our board 
and boot
correctly.  We need the file system so we can boot up the linux from flash.

Howard King

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