8 is enough? - mtd block devices

Cam Mayor cmayor at iders.ca
Tue Sep 16 17:20:51 EDT 2003

g'day all,

The Summary:
Can i have mtd block devices higher than the range 0-7?  ie, more than 8?

I'm working on an embedded system where i partition the some of the mtd from 
the kernel command line and other devices grab their own mtd.  in my current 
command line case, mtdparts=phys:4m(system),-(userarea), which uses up to 
i can add one more partition than that, but if i add two or more, another 
device is mapped to /dev/mtd8 (or higher) and i cannot access it through the 
/dev/mtdblock read-write block devices (ie. block, major 31, minors 0-7) as 
the block devices don't go as high as 8. 

on a whim, i tried making mtdblock8 at major 31, minor 16, blindly hoping it 
would work, but it does not.  Any light you could shed on whether this is 
possible with the current state of affairs or what i might be doing wrong 
would be great.

If it helps, i am currently using 2.4.19-rmk7 (+minor mods) with and MTD tree 
from March 25/2003 on a cs89712-based system with 8M NOR flash and (random 
amount) NAND flash.


Cameron Mayor
Iders Incorporated

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