[CHECKER] 32 Memory Leaks on Error Paths

Timothy Miller miller at techsource.com
Tue Sep 16 10:52:06 EDT 2003

>> 276:	/* OK, it's not open. Create cache info for it */
>>START -->
>> 277:	mtdblk = kmalloc(sizeof(struct mtdblk_dev), GFP_KERNEL);
>> 278:	if (!mtdblks)
>>END -->
>> 279:		return -ENOMEM;

> Invalid.  This is quite an obvious false positive, at least if your
> algorithm checks for possible value ranges.

Wait... one is "mtdblk", and the other is "mtdblks".  One has an extra 
's' on it.  Unless there is some kind of aliasing going on, they would 
appear to be different variables.  Naturally, I didn't check the 
original code, so I could be full of it.  :)

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